Network Modeling



Single-Phase Flow & Permeability

Multiphase Flow

Solute & Particle Transport

Non-Newtonian Flow



Single-phase flow modeling is often overlooked in the context of network modeling (with a greater emphasis placed on multiphase processes). However, research on single-phase flow remains crucial: it provides the most fundamental benchmark for developing quantitative flow models, it underpins models for many chemical and biological separations processes, and it is the foundation for modeling viscous multiphase flows. Furthermore, many fundamental issues remain unresolved, especially related to nonlinear flows and particle or solute transport processes.

Our focus is on developing predictive modeling techniques that are valid for a broad range of pore structures. The images shown above depict single-phase flow through a network model on the left, and a streamline-scale flow simulation in a single polyhedral pore on the right. Streamline-scale models are used for validation and design of network algorithms. Then, the network models themselves can be used for modeling in much larger domains.



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