Computer-Generated Materials



Packed Beds


Fibrous Materials

Solid Foams


Fractured Materials



Simulated sandstones can be created using one of two approaches. The first approach employs process-based models that begin with an unconsolidated packing and then mimic various diagenetic processes (Keehm et al., The Leading Edge, Feb. 2001; Oren and Bakke, TiPM, 46, 2002). The advantages of process-based models are that they remain tied to the underlying geology and that they can be used to generate much larger domains. The second approach employs direct reconstruction of voxel images using algorithms such as simulated annealing. The advantage to voxel-based techniques is that they are more general in their ability to capture a variety of pore morphologies. The image on the left is a voxel-based reconstruction that matches pore and solid-phase statistics from a real material. The image on the right is a simulated sandstone created from a simple process-based model.


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